Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 4 Assignment Part 3

Technology Action Plan
1. Tasks/Action Steps: Training for the staff regarding effective use of the staff webpages with communication and in the classroom and create trainings for both advanced and beginner levels using Moodle, and SmartBoards (allow teachers to decide which level they belong in). Also, have administrators take part in the trainings.
2. Responsibilities: The Director of Instruction, Staff Development Liaison, and the Technology Liaison will work in conjunction to create a lesson combining best practices, and effective classroom technology use.
3. Resources: Meetings will take place in the library after school and/or before school to teach other staff members about the new webpages, using Moodle, and SmartBoards. No funding will be needed. The Cy Falls Staff Development Liaison, Director of Instruction, and Technology Liaison will train staff members. The materials needed include: computers (already in place in the library) and copies of training instructions.
4. Timeline: The Technology Liaison will train the Director of Instruction and Staff Development Liaison on the webpages by the third week in December. Then, there will be several opportunities for all staff to be trained before or after school, so that all staff should be trained by the end of December, 2009. Next, staff must show some implementation of effective classroom use by the end January 2010. Then, data on Standardized Formative Assessments (SFAs) and the TAKS will be used, along with Speak Up survey questions, to gauge the effectiveness of the staff webpages for all stakeholders (students, staff, parents, and community members).
5. Monitoring: All staff will need to sign in that he/she has completed the trainings by the end of December. Then, all staff will need to send the Director of Instruction a plan of use and an explanation of how this will improve student achievement in his/her classroom.
6. Evaluation: Ultimately, the data from student achievement on TAKS, from Speak Up surveys, and from the AEIS report will provide the best information on the success of this initiative.

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