Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 4 Assignment Part 1 (section B)

Classroom Teachers are to utilize instructional technology in order to increase student performance in using networking capabilities and guide students through the creation of assignments which utilize this technology. Principals are to ensure technology is being utilized in classroom instruction by conducting walkthroughs and facilitating the training of his/her teachers. Then, the principals meet and are trained in the new technologies and their implementation in the campus.
PDAS evaluations are used to ensure that the required technology is implemented through instruction. One of the administrators in the CFISD set up is the Director of Instruction, this administrator is charged with the job of checking to see if lesson plans include appropriate levels of technology integration in the content and to ensure that staff development contains technology integration and is offered to teachers. Evaluation of student performance in utilizing technology is used to examine the success of staff development programs. CFISD uses a system called HEAT to evaluate Technology Assistants and the hardware usage and quality. Also, CFISD uses the STaR Chart to analyze the technology utilized in the classroom and teacher’s perceptions of the quality of the technology and the assistance and servicing provided to teachers when using the technology in the classroom.

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